And the winners are... The winners of the 2015 StudioXperience Student Challenge have been selected. Winning candidates will be notified on Friday March 20th and posted online once all have confirmed their acceptance!

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Coming Next Week!

Join us here next week as we begin releasing interviews with gaming industry luminaries! Interviewees Include:

  • David Cole, Founder & CEO DFC Intelligence

  • Rui Casais, CTO & Managing Director, Funcom

  • Warren Spector, Director, Denius-Sams Gaming Academy, University of Texas

  • David Coghlan, Managing Director, Havok

  • Robin Flodin, CEO, Toadman Interactive

  • Wanda Meloni, Open Gaming Alliance

  • Brian Hicks, Producer, Bohemia Interactive

  • Ethan Levey, Monetization Design Consultant, Famous Aspect

  • Chris Taylor, General Manager and Creative Director, Wargaming Seattle

  • Min-Liang Tan, Chief Gamer & CEO, Razer

  • Arne Peters, Vice President, ESL Technology

  • Corneliu Vasiliu, Producer, Ubisoft

  • Arthur Dosne, Marketing and Monetization, Ubisoft Mobile

  • Clive Henrick, Senior Development Director, Kabam

  • Konstantin Popov, CEO, Cappasity 3D

  • Roger Chandler, Director of Strategy and Innovation, Intel

  • Michael Schaiman, Livid Interactive

  • Mark Schoennagel & Will Goldstone, Unity

  • Kate Edwards, Executive Director, International Game Developers Association

  • Andrew Lauritzen, Graphics Software Engineer, Intel

  • Jon Peddie, President and Founder, Jon Peddie Research (JPR)

  • Alfonzo Burton, Director of User Experiences, Pocket Gems

  • Dennis Fong, Founder & CEO, Raptr, Inc

  • Erin Reynolds, Creative Director, Nevermind

  • Saad Choudri, Chief Commercial Officer, Miniclip

  • Wolf Lang, Business Development & Co-Founder, Threaks

  • Gary Brubaker, Director of the Game Development Program, SMU

  • Jenna Hoffstein, Founder, Little Worlds Interactive

  • Chas Boyd, Principal Program Manager, Microsoft

  • Nader Alikhani, Art Director, Pixel Hero Games

  • Ray Davis, General Manager, Unreal Engine, Epic Games


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