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Roman Verostko is an American artist, art historian and Professor Emeritus who is passionate about, and has won significant recognition for, his algorithmic art. Watch his interview with Steve Waskul now at: waskul.tv/portfolio/steve-waskul-roman-verostko-2014/ ...

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Rob Herman, Director of Product and Vertical Marketing for Workstations at Lenovo, shares how Lenovo achieves its mission of maximizing workstation capability for their users. Watch now at:http://waskul.tv/portfolio/steve-waskul-rob-herman-2014/ ...

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Randi Rost of Intel’s Games and Graphics Developer Outreach Group discusses Intel’s role in developing the hardware that enables game developers and production teams alike to bring their visions to life. In this interview from SIGGRAPH 2014, Randi and Steve Waskul examine some of the technology pushing the boundaries of the graphics industry and Intel’s role working to support developers.
Watch now: waskul.tv/portfolio/steve-waskul-randi-rost-2014/

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Paul DiLorenzo, Premo Project Manager for DreamWorks Animation, shares how Premo is pushing the bounds of animation with Steve Waskul. Watch the interview now at:http://waskul.tv/portfolio/steve-waskul-paul-dilorenzo-2014/ ...

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Neil Schneider, Executive Director and Founder of the Immersive Technology Alliance, takes us through the Alliance’s objectives and its role in the expanding AR/VR industry. In this interview from SIGGRAPH 2014, Mr. Schneider and Steve Waskul discuss the construction of the Alliance, including its overarching goal, as well as the latest AR/VR technology that has yet to hit the market. Watch now at: waskul.tv/portfolio/steve-waskul-neil-schneider-2014/ ...

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